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Today’s hot spot should be called a throwback spot for us. After reconnecting with ourselves and each other on the beach this past weekend, Anjane and I decide to go to a restaurant we used to frequent all the time – Origin. It was the perfect blend of our past relationship with our current.

Our Current…

Created for their location, the Key Biscayne roll started our meal, not including the salad, of course. (Although, I must say, the salad was a tremendous representation of the care and service, when the waitress brought us olive oil and gluten free soy sauce instead of the normal dressing because she found out it was made with regular soy sauce!) #lovemiami. This sushi, for us, represented our current relationship. The combination of crab, shrimp, cilantro and masago, spicy mayo and eel sauce on the side for me, gluten free soy sauce for her, was a delicious start to the main course.  Highly recommend. 

Our Past…

The hardest part about sharing great food via pictures is stopping to take the picture before you eat! Once the food comes, all you want to do is dig in! The Cambodian style Fish Amok was a dish we used to have all the time. In fact, it’s so seared in our memory, we knew we had to have it again when we passed Origin on our way to the beach. Just as we remembered – amazing. So unique in flavors and preparation, the fish is served soft and succulent, with sticky rice on the side. I would order it with an extra side of sticky rice, but maybe that’s because we shared it. If you haven’t had this dish yet, you have to make the drive out to Key Biscayne. It’s worth it, no matter where you live in Miami.

Had to take a picture of the beautiful architecture – can’t believe i am saying this, but pergolas are quite lovely!

Have you ever eaten at Origin before? What’s your favorite meal?


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