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Those of you who have been following my posts for a while will know that my wife and I have been on the hunt for gluten free foods. In fact, we recently went to Wolfgang Puck’s newest restaurant in Orlando (read the post here, we ate there on Saturday) and I put out a challenge to our Miami restaurants. Root & Bone, the Grove Bay Hospitality Group’s newest restaurant in South Miami, not only answered that call, but they KILLED it!


No, I’m not talking about being scared. In fact, just one step into the country-chic decor will put your mind at ease. With high volume ceilings, and the perfect mixture of hard metals, wood and dark colors, this restaurant screams trend. So trendy, that without a reservation, you will have to endure the weather outside – IF it allows.

Having gone there twice within the past two weeks, making the reservation is most DEFINITELY the way to go. The tables fill up quickly, leaving only their outside area available. Our first time there, we did not, and sat, or should I say “baked” in their outdoor area. While they do a valiant effort with the decor, it pales in comparison to the inside. It was SO hot that particular day, we were sweating profusely. The only saving grace was the accommodating staff to move us to shade when another table that finished left.

The Food

The menu wonderfully lets you know which food items can accommodate a gluten free diet, and they do not disappoint! When they say Southern Comfort food, they do NOT lie! We had the Cornbread and Fried Chicken and were so inspired we tried to make our own gf breading. We failed.

Served in a cast iron pan, the corn bread comes fresh out the oven, with a crispy crust on top. With a dollop of sour cream on top and perfectly seasoned bread, it comforts you to your core, even if you are not from the South.

The fried chicken was AMAZING. The chicken was so juicy and peeled off the bones like a slow-cooked rib. Having tried to then create our own gf breading, I can vehemently say that they have the ratios and recipe down packed. The skin created such a magical crispy barrier. As you bit into it, you felt like you were discovering new treasures of flavor every time.

It was so good, we have returned already, to try their avocado toast with a side addition of fried chicken, and of course, the cornbread.

To make your reservations, click here!

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