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I firmly believe that we are all capable of doing any job in the world. Now, whether we SHOULD be doing those jobs is another story. Let me explain – despite my music experience, a field many would call talented, I have never believed in that word, except to refer to one’s initial approach to their craft. The moment someone begins practicing, it becomes a skill, not talent. Talent means that the craft is inaccessible to the majority, when nothing could be further from the truth. Every one of us can sing or play an instrument. However, not every one of us possess the passion to be disciplined enough to get really good. Selling real estate is the same thing, to me. Anyone CAN sell their home by themselves – now, how many of us can sell our houses while doing our full time jobs, remembering all the finer details of how to show the property, creating a journey for the buyer, highlighting the unique attributes of our house versus the others in the neighborhood, negotiating the true value based off of characteristics of the house compared to the recent sales in the area, establishing a realistic price based off of such information, marketing the house to the largest number of potential buyers, finding qualified buyers, and helping them through the entire sale of the house, without breaking any laws? Sometimes, it just makes more sense to high a professional.

Still, my goal is to always provide the highest service possible, and if doing it on your own is what you want to try first, here is a list of 50 websites you can use to sell your house!

  1. Zillow For Sale By Owner 

Arguably hated by many real estate agents, there is no denying the success of their marketing. This is still by far, the number one traveled website people begin their searches on. To ignore putting your home on this website is to lose out on placing your house in front of billions of people.

  1. Craigslist

The next biggest place people still think about for free marketplaces is Craigslist. Despite some of the horror stories of users, it is still one of the highest traffic websites in the world. There are so many subcategories on this platform, it is an ideal place to find buyers and sellers. Ads are very basic with no bells or whistles, but, they get the job done.

  1. Facebook

Although this needs no introduction, and primarily a source of social media activities, it has also grown into a very active and effective place to buy and sell real estate. You can post properties in the marketplace, groups in your area, and for business pages, can create ads for your house.

  1. Instagram

A sub-platform of Facebook, Instagram is another social media site that is primarily based off of the engagement of users with visual content. You can create videos, boomerangs, different layouts of photos, galleries, and more. With billions of users as well, you should not miss this opportunity.

  1. Connected Investors

With a pretty sizeable community of like-minded investors, this site offers not only networking opportunities, but you can list your properties for sale as well! Keep in mind, these people are also looking for a profit, so if your home is updated, you may not get the highest value here. This site works best with homes that are in need of repair.

  1. LetGo

Another website that seems to prioritize the ease-of-use and visual elements of each listing. It also is intended for mobile users, which is where most people are accessing the internet anyway, making it ready for most buyers.

  1. Owners.com

A notable website for listing properties specifically for its targeted audience capabilities, it also features some useful promotional capabilities and premium options. You can list on the MLS for a flat fee, as well, but you get bare-bones minimum support, unlike a hiring a real estate agent.

  1. Fizber

Also along the same veins as Owners.com, Fizber is a key platform for targeted real estate buyers. It also offers the ability to list on the MLS for a flat fee, so compare prices, if interested!

  1. Oodle

If looking for a streamlined process for posting a property for sale, although by now, you probably get the gyst of it, on this site, you can fill out one simple form to get your entire listing compiled and posted in a matter of seconds (especially if this is the 9th time you are posting it)!

  1. FindMyRoof

Offering an overall nice listing that gives all the basic details, it also does not have a complex method of inputting information. Although, it does admittedly have a very small following, it only takes one buyer!

  1. Yakaz

A search engine for local classified ads, people are currently using this site to buy and sell cars, housing and more.

  1. USFreeAds

Another online classified ad website that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Although the layout is currently not the most modern, it clearly has not stopped people from using it!

  1. FreeClassifieds

Used to sell pretty much anything, you can post free local classified ads here as well!

  1. WebClassifieds

Same as the others, primarily localized to the US, you can buy, sell or trade here!

  1. Kedna

Same as the past few, difference here is you can add video content!

  1. AdsGlobe

An advertising gateway for classified ads that can be localized down to the community!

  1. Sell.com

This marketplace is a giant platform where you can do exactly what it’s name implies! Although primarily more e-commerce related, you can set up your own store, if looking to sell several homes!

  1. Hoobly

Again another platform that draws in millions of users per month, it does have a section for real estate!

  1. PennySaverUSA

Stemming from the original magazine, the website offers free online listings for real estate as well!

  1. House.info

This is one of the few websites on this extended list that is focused specifically on real estate. The site features thousands of listings in brings in a fair amount of monthly visitors – so this one could be of interest for the specific purpose of posting your properties for sale.

  1. Beycome (BONUS)

Beycome.com is a real estate listing site that offers both free and paid listing options. Designed specifically with FSBO sellers in mind.

  1. Kahping (BONUS)

Kahping.commakes it very easy to create real estate listings, add photos and highlight what the features and details are of each new listing (and it does a better job than some of the non-specialized websites like Craigslist). The listings make pretty good use of space, giving users different tabs to click on and expand to see more information.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

That being said, getting your house out to the most amount of people possible, and if on the economic struggle bus, free ways to do so can be invaluable. At the end of the day, an working directly with an agent will not only be doing these things for you, but will be marketing actively as well, in addition to these passive methods. For example, your agent will send out the information to thousands of other agents in his or her network, call neighbors, send postcards and much more. Like I said, anyone can sell their own house, but hiring a professional will ensure that you get the highest value possible for your home.

Do you know of any other FREE real estate advertising websites that weren’t mentioned here? Let me know about them in the comments below!

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